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    Based on 16 reviews
    Need a lot at first

    I wasn't sure about this shampoo. The first wash took 15 pumps. But my hair was stripped of coatings afterwards. Light, smooth, beautiful. So I used it again, and again and it has become my go-to shampoo. I do t require more than 3-4 pumps now, but I only wash my hair 2x or so per week. My hair is super soft, and shiny, light, and smells good, after using this shampoo. Paired with a good conditioner and I cannot recommend it enough.


    Purchased this shampoo upon my daughters recommendation because my hair kept falling out at a fast rate every time I washed my hair. Been using it for two months and what a difference. No more big pieces coming out and shedding on the floors! I will continue use!!

    Very Light scent

    I enjoy using this shampoo and it's nice knowing that I'm not applying a lot of toxic chemicals onto my scalp. It seems to give my hair more volume and doesn't weigh it down. I wish the nozzle was a bit larger to allow more liquid. I'll just replace it from another shampoo bottle later.

    A wonderful shampoo

    I�ve only used it once but I can already tell this is going to be my favorite shampoo. My hair feels soft and silky, as opposed to limp and hard when I used other shampoos (especially organic brands I�ve tried). I was worried I�d need a conditioner and while I still wish they made a conditioner too, I think it left my hair soft enough that I wouldn�t need one.Scent is light and fresh. I wish the rose scent was a little stronger. It sudsed up really well with not much product.My one little critique is that I wish it was available in a larger bottle. This one is about the size of a liquid hand soap. I�d pay more for a larger one. Also I think they could work on their branding a little for a cleaner look (without the carmine coloring - isn�t it made from crushed cochineal bugs? It should be a vegan, in my opinion). Look to brands like Herbivore Botanicals for more modern branding/ packaging.


    Smells amazing and was exactly what I was looking for. Something to clean and hydrate my naturally conditioned (oily) hair. LolDoesn�t leave residue like some chem free shampoo and conditioner products. Buy now! Xo

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