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    Based on 101 reviews
    Calms and soothes the irritated scalp.

    Quite pleased with the results of this shampoo. Has calmed the scalp itch and flakes better than I expected. Hair is nice and shiny, getting a lot of compliments on the texture and shine. Never would have thought a baby shampoo for cradle cap would outshine the expensive dandruff shampoos..GREAT STUFF!!

    Love this baby shampoo!

    Really did take care of my 7month�s cradle cap. He has tons of hair, so I wasn�t sure how well it would work. Paired it with the Frieda brush for a month and now 3 months later he�s cradle cap free. (We didn�t have the miricle week flake-off like some other reviewers...but our was a very stubborn case with a lot of hair.)He�s stopped itching his head, which he used to do religiously. It also smells really nice and has made his hair so soft. Never cries if it gets in his eyes.Wish I would have skipped the normal baby shampoos and went straight to this from the get-go!

    Worked great for son's mild cradle cap

    Worked prefectly on my 15 month old son's mild cradle cap. I used it with a fine tooth baby comb and the worst of it was out after a few washes, with some extra maintanence with the fine tooth comb to get the final scales to come off. Not a very strong scent, and I have a sensitive nose, so it was nice that it didn't smell bad either.

    Great shampoo that actually works!

    I got this off an ad on fb with a coupon for $3! It actually works. I washed my sons hair with it one time and the cradle cap basically just fell out! I would definitely pay the full price!

    Excellent product!

    My 6 month old had severe dry scalp. After using this shampoo a couple of times, he no longer had dry scalp. I would highly recommend this product.

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