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    When they say that the arrival of baby changes the way you see things, the world, even yourself, it’s hard to take the message to heart. That was me. But when my daughter arrived, all of that changed.

    I realized that I must provide for her the best way I can, and that’s when the idea for this website was hatched. As a new curious mother, I of course searched for baby products for the awaited arrival of my precious daughter. However, what I found was short of inspiring. Aside from the cute marketing techniques, most of the products I found for babies were filled with harmful chemicals. As the consumer-society that we are today, people rarely stop to consider what exactly they are buying into. These products contain chemicals that we should definitely avoid rubbing all over our vital skin, much less our delicate baby's’ skin.

    So I wanted to change that. Not only for myself and my daughter, but for other expecting mothers as well. I created Elizabeth Parker Naturals because I know exactly the love and care that goes toward formulating and creating a product that is safe and beneficial to use. It was so important to me that I aimed to create something that’s also fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and hypoallergenic.

    But the wholesome goodness of my product goes even further. With a family history of various skin conditions, I also wanted to create something packed with powerful all-natural ingredients that could help heal and soothe uncomfortable skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, rashes, and more. Not to mention, other creams that I have been previously prescribed to were not natural, extremely expensive, and often had negative side effects. This fueled my motivation even more to create an all-around natural product filled with 100% goodness.

    Now, as a mom of two, I can be confident in using a product that is safe, natural, and healthy. My hope is that Elizabeth Parker Naturals will inspire you, too, to switch to using chemical-free products for skin that’s smoother, healthier, and natural (the way it should be). :)