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    Itchy Skin

    I suffer from the after affects of shingles and eczema. My immune system turn on my skin. I have been miserable for a long time. Taking different medication has not worked for me. When I started using this product (Atopic Dermatitis) I’m feeling so much better because it works. It helps with my pain and itchy skin. It really works! 😢

    Donna Patterson
    A Gentle Giant of a Cream

    The Atopic Dermatitis Cream is gentle, soothing, and healing. It is sort of understated in that it feels so good but initially appears to only feel good. Then, overnight a little miracle appears. The itching and redness subsides and it takes hold with definite positive results! Love this stuff for my bouts of eczema!

    True Rating
    Miracle Cure for Eye Lids

    Very small slits developed above, below and even in the outside corners of both eyes with the beginning of our cold Idaho winter . Low inside humidity and my 67 yr old skin are factors.I finally did my research and made this my cure selection. In just three days I was forgetting to put it on as I was pain free and healed. The best application is directly from the morning shower to the mirror and wipe it on sparingly around and over the eye when closed. For me again at bed time for all night relief.P.S. I also purchased a whole house humidifier from Amazon for my general indoor health.

    Seems to work

    Nice texture and goes on smooth and doesn't leave a scent. Has helped my husbands flaky skin. Good value for the price too!

    Soothes my problem skin

    I�ve struggled with itchy, flaky red skin on my t-zone for years, and even prescription creams never seemed to keep the skin hydrated enough to calm the irritation. This product took a little while to clear it up, but instantly soothes the itch / burn. Within three weeks I was flake free and saw significant reduction in redness. I will buy this over and over again. It�s a substantial jar for the cost and will last a couple months at least.